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Why Social Media is Kicking My Butt

It’s no secret that social media is a powerful tool for both networking and driving your business forward. The challenge I continue to encounter, however, is how to use social media without letting it use me. Every time I try to be a good little entrepreneur, the doom scrolling derails my plans! I open an app with my content and caption in hand, I post with pride, and then I spend twice as long flicking my little finger upwards again and again and again. When it becomes too much to handle, I log out of all apps and go weeks without a peep (or tweet). In desperately longing for balance, here are some boundaries I’ll be implementing for myself:

- Log out whenever I am not being purposeful. Because of the pathways created in the brain when it comes to habits, I log onto social media any time I pick up my phone…generally without even noticing. That scares me. So, if I can create an additional habit of not only closing the apps, but logging out whenever I have posted, perhaps that will provide me a few more seconds to become aware of what’s happening and to put the phone down.

- Schedule a specific time to respond to comments AFTER major work has been completed. This could be another way to use the rewards system that social media has already given my brain. “You did great work today, so you get screen time!” That may appeal to the kid in me. She loves screen time.

- Use bulk content creation methods. Just kidding, this doesn’t work for me. When it comes to content, I’m more of a “go with the flow” type of lady. Is that the best way to be? Who knows, but the practice has served me well enough, and I’ll continue to honor it.

How do you ensure you use social media without it using you? Feel free to leave any suggestions below and I’d be happy to give them a go!

Carol is sitting on a desk, wearing an orange shirt and blue jeans while scrolling through social media on a cell phone.
Carol scrolling through social media on a cell phone.


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